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The Center for Leadership and Change, Inc. (CLCI) is the international partner of FranklinCovey in the Philippines.

Established in 1996, the Center for Leadership and Change, Inc. was originally part of the Ateneo Central Guidance Bureau and today is an independent organization, located at the Ateneo Professional Schools. Through the years, CLCI has continued to plant the seeds of positive change by providing unique, integrated solutions to its clients, many of whom are leaders in the manufacturing, food, finance, pharmaceutical, BPO, and service sectors as well as in government and educational institutions. Many of its clients belong to the top 1000 institutional and individual leaders in the business, private, government, and educational sectors all over the country.

CLCI helps individuals and organizations achieve better results today in ways that sustain even better results tomorrow. Since its inception, CLCI has successfully brought international speakers from FranklinCovey to the Philippines to conduct programs, fora, and workshops for our clients and/or the general public.

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We ignite leadership potential and enable greatness in individuals, organizations, and communities through integrated and principle-based solutions, processes, and tools.


We are a team of engaged and competent people who live the principles we teach. We value innovation and continuous learning. We invest in our development, and nurture work-life balance.

Ours is a great, fun place to work—where mutual respect, trust and concern prevail. We operate effectively and efficiently through technology-enabled, seamless systems and processes. Our organization is financially healthy; thus, we share more because we have more. We are the workplace of choice in our industry.

We are continually relevant and responsive to the needs of our customers, and are known for service excellence. We help customers achieve their highest priorities. Thus, we are the top of mind, premier business partner in leadership development and organizational greatness.

We contribute to nation building.

We make today better than yesterday.


  • Integrity
  • Respect and Concern
  • Synergy and Teamwork
  • Service Excellence
  • Organizational Growth