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What clients say

The 4 Disciplines of Execution™: Team Work Session

"Indeed, the 4 Disciplines of Execution is not just a tool or a program. It is a very powerful discipline that can work very well for any of us, if we embrace it with an open perspective. And because it is a discipline, it comes with pain – the pain of going through the steps, the pain of changing perspectives. However, we will choose the pain of discipline than the pain of regret."

– Mark Laurence B. Relova,
Global Academy Head, East-West Seed ROH Limited, Nonthaburi, Thailand


"The training (4 Disciplines of Execution) has brought me back to why we as managers need to provide focus and perspective to our teams, not to mention a horizontal alignment on what matters to the business."

– Helen Inukai-Santos,
Product and Systems Training Manager, Optus-L&D, [24]7 Inc.


"Best scholastic course I’ve had by far – it’s a realistic model that can be applied. Would be nice to see the company culture absorb 4Dx."

– William De Gorostiza,
Product and Systems Training Manager, [24]7 Inc.

Leadership: Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results™

"FranklinCovey programs are highly insightful and inspiring; they provide practical and highly executable concepts that allow organizations to truly foster Great Teams and Great Results. Facilitators have in-depth knowledge and conduct the programs with great enthusiasm. FranklinCovey programs enable organizations to foster a culture of success."

– Bernardo A. Bernardo,
Sr. Sales Training Manager, CDO Foodsphere Inc.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Signature Program™

"If given conscious effort to practice, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People can have a profound impact on continuous self-improvement and on relationships, both personal and professional."

– Rhea Villanueva,
Cebu Air


"The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People really did help by instilling in me, specially, Habit 4 (Think Win-Win). Previously, I always (sometimes at all cost) want to win even if others will lose. Now, I have to explore for deeper and alternate solutions, which often times is better than my hurried solution. 7H is highly commended as must-read, must-learn to everyone!"

– Julius S. Algabre,
Department Manager, VECO


"The most meaningful part of teaching The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was guiding the participants to discover their personal mission & writing it. I could usually detect a quiet sense of purpose among the participants after having written it. It was as if they had a glimpse of what they were all about. I suspect participants made some major decisions based on their statements. It was good to have been a part of that."

– Rosario Nanagas,
7H Facilitator and retired HR Principal, Isla Lipana & Co.


"True to what Dr C says, constant renewal in all 4 areas gives me more energy and sense of well-being. I feel good that I have time renewing ties with my relatives and friends, while doing something also for my mental and socio-emotional aspect. The physical drive gives me the strength and energy to keep me going and attend to the many things that any normal daughter, wife, mother, sister or friend does."

– Leny Gonzales,
Training and HR Development Consultant

FranklinCovey Planning System

"I started using the FranklinCovey Planner after attending the 7 Habits workshop. The workshop made a huge impact on me that I wanted a tool that would manage not just my time but what matters most to me. It has been many, many years since and it has helped me do just that."

– Tina Tan,
President, Suy Sing


"The FranklinCovey Planning System has really helped me focus on my goals, focus on my mission, because you really [have to] create your own mission, then come up with your goals and look at your roles that [you] have to do. So it was really a very good way of putting to work what I have learned. It’s not simply a calendar, it’s not simply a log of things to be done, [and] it’s not simply a notebook where you jot down notes. It’s really a way of organizing your day, organizing your life... based on a mission that you have set for yourself. I’ve looked at other planners, and most of the planners really just talk about scheduling events in your day, not about evaluating the importance of each event, how each event would contribute to carrying out the different roles in your life, how these activities will also help you achieve your mission."

– Bro. Raymond Sanchez,
S.J. Former Asst. Principal for Academics, Ateneo High School


"Despite having [my] iPad and my iPhone as my latest planning gadgets, I still use my ever-dependable FranklinCovey Planner primarily as backup. Digital planners are not 100 percent reliable as others think. Secondly, for sentimental reasons. I learned planning effectively from Covey and using the planner reminds me of the 7 Habits."

– Carlito Lucas,
VP and Division Head of Group Marketing, The Insular Life Assurance Co. Ltd.


The FranklinCovey Planning System has been very helpful in managing my schedules and appointments. Being the Training Head for a big organization with 3,500 employees, managing training programs and appointments for various organizational activities has become more efficient with the use of the system. All public run training courses are tagged as big rocks, and all other activities (small rocks) just simply find their way. Thus, most scheduled and planned activities are now either Q2 or Q1. And the principles really help my staff and I manage our schedules well!"

– Anjo Mines,
HR Business Partner Section Manager, Analog Devices


"It was a life-changing experience for me. FranklinCovey Planning System is superb! It helped me prioritize the tasks that are important. It helped me identify the goals that I would want to achieve in the long run and on a day-to-day basis. I became more organized in my work and it helped me accomplish many tasks that I thought before were impossible to achieve. Time management became effortless for me; now I have a lot of time doing my extra activities with my family and with my friends."

– Lex Yumol,
Guardian Production Manager, Emerson