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FranklinCovey's effective individuals solutions

Help employees apply timeless principles of effectiveness to improve interpersonal communication, take initiative, establish greater trust, strengthen relationships, increase influence, and balance key priorities.

Imagine you are at the helm of a huge ship. You're the driver, you control the direction of this ship. Now, how is it possible for a single, small person to change the course of something so massive?

To change the ship’s course, you move a steering wheel that operates a rudder, which then turns the ship. But the rudder itself can be enormous, perhaps even ten stories tall on some ocean liners. So what moves the rudder?

A tiny second rudder called a trim tab, which is attached to the big rudder.

Through the marvels of engineering, when the trim tab swings to one side, it creates just enough vacuum to pull the big rudder around. The trim tab is tiny compared to the size and weight of the ship, yet it is the trim tab that determines the ship’s course.

Now, when you think: “how can I possibly create change in my organization,” think of being a trim tab. Your small actions, your work in your circle of influence can create, over time, a big impact on your organization.

Far too many people are not engaged in their work, they are neither fulfilled nor excited, most of all they feel powerless to change anything, and they blame it on the organization or their boss or their lack of authority. In truth you are the creative force of your own job and life. No matter what role you play, your contribution can make a difference. You can become a trim tab. How? Simply by focusing on what you can do even if it’s outside of your job description and make small adjustments and improvements along the way.

So how can you become a trim tab? What is the one small adjustment that you can make today to put you on this course? 

Image used in header by knutte