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The 7 Habits for Associates


How to get started:

l  Talk to a client partner
l  Certify to Teach


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Core competencies for The 7 Habits for Associates include:

Core Competencies

Participants Will Learn to:

Day 1: AM

Habit 1
Be Proactive®

  • Practice Habit 1.
  • Avoid reactive behavior and language.
  • Practice proactive behavior and language.
  • Foucs on what you can influence. 

Day 1: AM

Habit 2
Begin With the End in Mind®

  • Practice Habit 2.  
  • Define vision and values.
  • Create a personal mission statement.

Day 1: AM

Habit 3
Put First Things First®

  • Practice Habit 3.  
  • Apply effective delegation skills.
  • Focus on important activities.
  • Apply effective planning and prioritization skills.

Day 1: PM

Habit 4
Think Win-Win®

  • Practice Habit 4.
  • Build high-trust relationships.
  • Use effective collaboration.
  • Build productive business relationships.

Day 1: PM

Habit 5
Seek First to Understand Then to Be Understood®

  • Practice Habit 5.
  • Apply effective interpersonal communication.
  • Overcome communication pitfalls.
  • Apply effective listening skills.
  • Understand others.
  • Reach mutual understanding.
  • Communicate viewpoints effectively.

Day 1: PM

Habit 6

  • Practice Habit 6.
  • Apply effective problem solving.
  • Apply collaborative decision making.
  • Value differences.
  • Build on divergent strengths.

Day 1: PM

Habit 7
Sharpen the Saw®

  • Practice Habit 7. 
  • Achieve life balance.
  • Renew all four dimensions.
  • Apply continuous improvement.
  • Seek continuous learning.