7 Habits Maximizer
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The 7 Habits Maximizer


How to get started:

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Unfortunately for all of us humans, forgetting what we once learned is part of our DNA. Even the most devoted participants in the seven habits training can lose what they learn, especially if they haven’t consistently applied the principles after the training. But on the bright side, we can overcome our fallible memories through reinforcement, repetition, and forming habits. The 7 Habits Maximizer™ workshop offers past participants a way to extend and reinforce the timeless principles that have helped them begin to reshape their lives.


This one-day 7 Habits Maximizer extension course helps participants “hard-wire” their commitment to principles of effectiveness, which in turn improves the dynamics of your organization. As individuals deepen their understanding of these bedrock principles, they internalize the lessons and develop a renewed commitment to them.

About the Course

Participants in the 7 Habits Maximizer workshop learn to:

  • Focus on current high-leverage projects
  • Identify and apply unique talents and skills
  • Align work with the organization’s Wildly Important Goals
  • Successfully enlist support for their objectives


Length of Training

One-day Workshop

Delivery Options


What You Receive

  • A rich participant guidebook
  • A “Maximizer Action Plan” tool to help participants apply the 7 Habits to goals and initiatives at work
  • A Work Matters booklet featuring an excerpt from A. Roger Merrill’s book Life Matters
  • A pocket reference card