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Meeting Advantage


How to get started:

l  Talk to a client partner
l  Attend a Public Session


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Core competencies for Meeting Advantage include:

Core Competencies

Participants Will Learn to:

Meeting Basics

  • Develop standards for high-focus meetings
  • Use a three-step process to implement standards

Frontloading Your Meetings

  • Use your meeting planner
  • Use seven steps to frontload high-focus meetings
  1. 1.Define what matters most in the meeting—the overall goal
  2. 2.Set specific objectives
  3. 3.Decide if the meeting is justified
  4. 4.Select meeting methods to achieve your objectives
  5. 5.Identify the team members and their responsibilities
  6. 6.Consider logistics
  7. 7.Notify team members of the meeting

Focus Your Meetings

  • Develop and use a code of conduct
  • Play your role productively
  • Use meeting methods that serve your objective

Follow Through on Your Meetings

  • What to do after the meeting
  • How to use the Meeting Advantage Planner to time-activate follow-through
  • Review the meeting for improvement