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Presentation Advantage


How to get started:

l  Talk to a client partner
l  Attend a Public Session


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Core competencies for Presentation Advantage include:


Deliverables Produced

Presentation Basics

  • How to introduce ideas to remember.
  • Identify quality presentation standards
  • Develop a personal presentation inventory.
  • Focus on your audience as your customers.
  • The SSS Formula.
  • Focus on your workshop presentation.

Design the Message

  • How to plan their message
  1. 1.Identify your purpose
  2. 2.Analyze your audience.
  3. 3.Assess the situation.
  • Develop content
  1. 1.Brainstorm your ideas.
  2. 2.Organize your content.
  3. 3.Develop your key supporting points.
  4. 4.Develop your introduction and conclusion.
  5. 5.Prepare your presentation notes

Deliver the Message

  • Develop and control Eye contact, facial expression, gestures, movement, appearance, and voice.

Design and Deliver Visuals Effectively

  • Understand the guidelines for designing and delivering visuals effectively
  • Deliver team presentations.