Working at the Speed of Trust
FranklinCovey Philippines

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Working at the Speed of Trust


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In a work setting of low team trust, people’s unseen agendas or motivations generate suspicion and ultimately hinder getting things done. Guarded communication, speculation, and disengagement slow productivity and fuel frustration. But when individuals trust each other—and are trusted by others—communication improves and productivity accelerates as attention is redirected toward team objectives.


The Working at the Speed of Trust—For Associates team building program helps individual contributors identify and address “trust gaps” in their own personal credibility and in their relationships at work. Using examples based on their current work and focusing on real-world issues, participants discover how to communicate transparently with peers and managers, improve their track record of keeping commitments, focus on improving internal “customer service” with others who depend on their work, build team trust and much more.

About the Course

FranklinCovey’s Working at the Speed of Trust Workshop is designed to help associates:

  1. Increase personal credibility.
  2. Increase trust with key stakeholders.
  3. Exhibit behaviors that increase trust.
  4. Create an environment of high trust that will increase creativity, innovation, and a greater commitment to achieving results.


Length of Training

One-day building trust workshop

Delivery Options

What You Receive

  • Participant Guidebook
  • Reference cards to help associates navigate through trust issues.
  • Trust Action Planning Guidebook
  • Tools on CD