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Writing Advantage


How to get started:

l  Talk to a client partner
l  Attend a Public Session


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Core competencies for Writing Advantage include:


Deliverables Produced

Writing Basics

  • The importance of writing
  • Key thoughts
  • The basis of Writing Advantage approach
  1. 1.Focus on readers as customers
  2. 2.Develop quality writing standards
  3. 3.Use a simple process and tools to implement standards
  • How to create a baseline document
  • To “Debrief Baseline Document” exercise
  1. 1.Write and revise
  2. 2.Brainstorm writing challenges
  • Create quality writing standards
  • The Writing process
  1. 1.Ineffective writing process
  2. 2.Writing process: four-step

Plan Your Document

  • How to determine your purpose
  • To assess your readers’ needs
  1. 1.What readers want to know
  2. 2.Building document (analyze original, analyze readers, analyze re-written document)
  3. 3.Briefly overview brainstorming

Design Your Document

  • How to write effective subject lines
  • How to use setups sparingly
  • To put main ideas up front
  • To preview key supporting points
  • To write informative headings
  • To include complete but only relevant details under headings
  • To review purpose and deadlines
  • To use the Four-Box Format

Draft Your Document

  • How to cool before you revise

Revise Your Document

  • The revision stages