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Help leaders discover how to unleash the contributions of their teams toward your organization’s critical priorities, and create a work environment where individuals want to devote their best efforts.

"During a 60 Minutes segment, a Generation Y interviewee commented, 'We're not going to settle. Because we saw our parents settle.'

Younger generations are impatient and won't wait years to achieve what it took baby boomers to accomplish. For them, unleashing [employee potential] is not optional: it's essential."

- Stephanie Chick, Bloomberg Businessweek

A leadership crisis looms. New business challenges sprout up virtually overnight, trust in leaders has tanked, and experienced leaders are in short supply. Plus there's a pitched battle for employee talent. And yes, you might be able to hire the people who have the talent and skills necessary to help your organization succeed, but then what? How do you keep them energized and loyal to your organization? 

Today's management leaders must be able to see their team members as “whole people”—body, heart, mind, and spirit—and manage and lead accordingly. To unleash this new generation's talent, leaders must have a new mind-set, skill-set, and tool-set. Compared to previous generations, the knowledge-worker generation represents a fundamental shift in individual mind-sets and motivations. Leaders who can effectively tap into their employees' most valuable talents and abilities will witness extraordinary results from happier, more engaged co-workers.

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