Leadership Modular Series
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The Leadership Modular Series


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As the "Knowledge Worker Age" has replaced the "Industrial Age," organizations are now facing four chronic problems associated with this new dynamic: low trust in leadership, strategic uncertainty, an ominous shortage of experienced leaders, and an unending war for talent. If they are to transcend these potentially crippling issues, today’s leaders must heed the call for a new type of leadership, one that treats individuals as “whole people”—body, heart, mind, and soul.


The Leadership Modular Series provides today’s management leaders a new mind-set, skill set, and tool set for leading individuals—and 21st century organizations—to greatness. The series comprises seven stand-alone training and development modules, each of which teaches a specific set of imperatives that leaders can apply immediately, to create a work environment that addresses the needs of the knowledge worker.

About the Course

The impact of two or three days of FranklinCovey training on individual effectiveness is profound. But for leaders who can barely make time for lunch—let alone multiple days of training—the Leadership Modular Series lets them focus on one specific leadership competency, a half day at a time. Drawn from the proven content of FranklinCovey’s flagship leadership-development program, the Leadership Modular Series includes the following instructor-led training modules:

  1. The 4 Imperatives of Great Leaders
  2. Inspiring Trust
  3. Clarifying Your Team’s Purpose and Strategy
  4. Closing the Execution Gap
  5. Building Process Excellence
  6. Unleashing Talent
  7. Leading Across Generations


Length of Training

The Leadership Modular Series ranges from a half-day session to a full-day session, led by an instructor, which participants can schedule according to their needs.


Delivery Options


What You Receive

  • Participant guidebook
  • Implementation handbook
  • A full set of electronic tools and a select video from the course to share with your team