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The Leadership Modular Series


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Core competencies for The Leadership Modular Series include:


Deliverables Produced

Module 1:
The 4 Imperatives of Great Leaders

Obtain an overview of the 4 Imperatives framework.

  • Learn how to leverage the knowledge that exists in their team
  • View team members as “whole people,” each with a unique talent and contribution
  • Understand The 4 Imperatives of Great Leaders

Module 2:
Inspiring Trust

Understand the connection between trust and business results.

  • Learn the behaviors that build trust
  • Increase influence through greater trust and trustworthiness
  • Learn how to build, restore, extend, and maintain trust

Module 3:
Clarifying Your Teams Purpose and Strategy

Connect the purpose of your team to the mission, vision, values, and strategy of the organization. 

  • Lead change
  • Positively influence results
  • Build teams
  • Hire the right people
  • Lead innovation
  • Plan for succession
  • Create team capability
  • Create and communicate a shared vision

Module 4:
Closing the Execution Gap

Build a process for executing on your highest priorities. 

  • Learn how to identify Wildly Important Goals
  • Define and create actionable lead measures
  • Create motivating scoreboards
  • Instill a cadence of accountability for achieving results


Module 5: 
Building Process Excellence

Create processes that ensure ongoing success.

  • Identify the core processes through which work is accomplished
  • Create a means for improving the predictability of results
  • Use powerful tools to maximize work processes

Module 6: 
Unleashing Talent

Tap into the unique talents and contribution of each member of your team.

  • Help team members define their contribution
  • Learn three "leadership conversations" to clarify performance expectations, apply specific talents to key objectives, and "clear the path" toward progress

Module 7: 
Leading Across Generations

Learn how to leverage the differences between generations.

  • Resolve the "points of friction" that inevitably occur between generations' differing perspectives, styles, and expectations
  • Motivate team members to volunteer their greatest contribution by engaging the whole person and giving space for generational differences to exist