xQ (Execution Quotient)
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xQ Service


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What separates companies that succeed from those that don’t? It all comes down to business execution. Thriving organizations execute on their most important objectives—each employee, each team, and the company itself all accomplishing what they set out to do. On the other hand, business execution tanks when workers don’t know or grasp the top goals and priorities, aren’t committed to those goals, and aren’t able to translate them into action. Business execution also fails when systems and processes aren’t aligned to support the goals, departments and teams don’t work together toward a common vision, and people aren’t held accountable for the commitments they make.


FranklinCovey’s xQ Service is a vital measurement of your organization’s health. Delivered as a short, web-based survey, it measures your organization’s ability to execute on your most important priorities and to get the right job done. It gauges how well your organization focuses on your key priorities and provides direction for improvement. The xQ Service also provides reports that enable you to pinpoint areas of excellence and challenges, and it helps individuals learn how to leverage creative collaboration.

About the xQ Service

FranklinCovey’s xQ Service is a web-delivered survey that gauges how sharply employees focus on and execute your organization’s top priorities. The xQ Service also helps managers improve the consistency of their execution and performance by measuring and addressing specific factors surrounding these six principles of business execution:

  1. Clarity of goals
  2. Commitment to goals
  3. Translation of goals into action
  4. Enabling performance by removing barriers
  5. Synergy, trust, collaboration, communication, and processes
  6. Accountability to management and to each other for achieving results


Uses for xQ

  • General organizational/team health assessment
  • Leadership-change baseline
  • Implementation-failure gap closure
  • Readiness to embark on/implement a significant new approach


Length of Service

The length of service varies depending on the organization. It can take anywhere from one month to one year.

Delivery Options


What You Receive

  • Web-delivered standard questionnaire with capability to easily add custom questions.
  • Standard questions grouped by the six key execution principles and across three levels: individual, team, and organization.
  • Sources benchmarked against the norms of the U.S. workforce or the FranklinCovey global client database by industry or region.
  • xQ Debrief sessions lead by a FranklinCovey consultant to help you understand the findings and how to use them to improve your organization.