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Core competencies for xQ service include:

Core Competencies

Participants Will Learn to:

General Organizational/Team Health Assessment

Unlike broad culture audits and attitude surveys, the xQ is specifically designed as a management action tool. Each question is defined by a series of standard behaviors that, if identified as being low, can be strengthened to improve the level of execution and, in turn, positively impact results.

Leadership Change Baseline

The xQ can satisfy a new leader’s desire for an unbiased anonymous assessment of existing capability including strengths and areas for improvement.

Implementation Failure Gap Closure

The xQ process provides the means to uncover the reasons for these failures and take corrective action.

Readiness To Embark/Implement a Significant New Approach

xQ is a predictor of future success. Minimize your risk in setting a critical objective or embarking on a new strategic direction by assessing the capability of your workers’ ability to execute beforehand.