Adapting and Leading Amidst Change


  • Change is one of the few true constants. It is inevitable, and it is continuous. Navigating change is challenging, and the rapid pace of change in the world today amplifies the challenge ten-fold. Change brings uncertainty to people, and, with uncertainty, comes discomfort.


    Inspiring and Establishing Trust is the first Essential Role that leaders must play amidst the rapid change and amplified uncertainty of the modern world. This is an intentional and purposeful effort that creates an environment of trust which stands strong amidst the waves of uncertainty. The most effective leaders establish and accelerate their credibility to serve as models of character and competence who:

    • Stand for the most important values of teams and organizations
    • Anchor and push the cultures of teams and organizations forward
    • Become leaders whom others willingly choose to follow.



    In order to fulfill this role, leaders must mature and Develop a Leader’s Mindset. They must learn to look beyond themselves and their own individual needs, capabilities, and contributions. Instead, they must develop the mindset of working through others, maximizing their combined capabilities and contributions.


    As leaders face the uncertainty and discomfort brought about by change with their teams, their ability to Inspire Trust, through a strong Leader’s Mindset, will enable them to welcome changes as opportunities to grow and accelerate their teams, to deliver even stronger performance and results. This is where great leaders showcase their ability to Lead Their Teams Through Changes.



    This is part three of a series of seven articles where we will share with you some of our findings from People Manager’s Association of the Philippines (PMAP) 2019 and related principles and practices from our own experience and solutions.




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