• Your Job as a Leader: Engage Your People and Build Your Culture

    As I work with government and corporate organizations around the globe, helping them improve their leadership and overall performance, I frequently encounter leaders who are concerned about the level of employee engagement in their organizations. These encounters remind me of a man named Tom. Tom...

    Shawn Moon
  • Personal Energy Crisis

    How is your energy level?  Do you make it through the day without nodding off to sleep or do you find that you need to use toothpicks to keep your eyelids open?  Or, do you find that you need regular stimulants just to get through the day?  What effect does your personal energy crisis have on you...

  • Examples of Servant Leaders

    In many organizations I've worked in or with, I've seen examples of servant leaders who have really made a difference. For example, when I was just 20 years old, I served as an assistant to the president of an organization. One time I asked him, "Why don't you ever give me any feedback? You never te...

  • Align Inputs With Outputs

    Do you find yourself unable to consistently get or replicate your desired results—especially when it comes to building relationships? While many inputs (behaviors, actions, words) contribute to relationship effectiveness, identifying the right inputs can make all the differen...

    Todd Davis
  • 5 Steps To Unleash Productivity

    Each person in your organization is unique and has an irreplaceable set of gifts, talents, skills, and passions that cannot be found anywhere else. Too many leaders labor under the pernicious paradigm that people are interchangeable, that one worker equals another, that they can easily replace one p...

    Shawn Moon